This page is filled with CP stories to allow you to sit back and get lost in your fantasies. Spanking over my knee, strapping your fingers or caning your bare bottom, relax and let your mind unwind with these beautifully written CP stories. 

Miss Mera and Miss Girdle 

Part I: The Study 

Miss Girdle and I decided it would be best if we both belted Peter.  I told him that first I was going to warm his fingers and then Miss Girdle was going to take her belt to his bottom.  Peter looked over at Miss Girdle, whose right hand drifted to her left shoulder as she stroked the belt that lay under her diaphanous blouse, which only partly concealed her dark brassiere and the light-brown leather of her two-tailed tawse. 

I reached inside my blouse and took out the darker leather of Genevieve - my tawes.  Peter's eyes moved from Miss Girdle to me as I prepared to belt him and told him to hold out his hands.  The first stroke made him crumple, with what appeared to be sheer excitement.  I had to tell him to hold out his hands again, but they were too low for my liking, so I doubled up Genevieve, moved forward and tapped the underside of his hands. 

“Higher”, I said firmly. 

That simple command seemed to make Peter even more excited, as he raised his hands for me to give him the second stroke, at which he crumpled again. As I belted him I reminded him what a naughty boy he had been and that Miss Girdle was going to belt his bottom next.  At this Peter looked over at Miss Girdle, who drew her belt out from under her blouse.  This made Peter even more agitated; and, for the last two strokes from me, he was torn between watching me belt him and glancing over at Miss Girdle, who waited with her belt doubled up in her hands. 

After I had given him the sixth stroke, Miss Girdle came forward and told Peter that she was going to give him a dozen strokes of her belt on his bottom.  She said she wanted him over my lap while she belted him.  I hitched up my skirt and sat on the desk.  Peter become even more excited at the sight of my stocking tops, especially in close proximity to Genevieve, who was still in my hand. Pero lay across my lap, putting his bottom in the perfect position for the attention of Miss Girdle’s belt. 

At the first stroke of the belt I felt him twitch against my lap, and I realised just what a naughty boy he was. Miss Girdle belted him beautifully, taking a full swing at him each time.  Just to see what would happen, I moved the hand holding Genevieve down into his line of vision and, as I thought, this made him even more aroused.  When I informed Miss Girdle what was happening, she decided that we ought to double his punishment; and, after a short pause where we both once again told him what a naughty boy he was, Miss Girdle gave him a second dozen just as beautifully and elegantly as before. 

Before I gave Peter his second hand-strapping, Miss Girdle said she wanted to see the effect my belting had on him. She then pulled Peter’s shorts and punishment thong down and, of course, he was fully erect.   

Miss Girdle stood back and I told him to hold out his hands, which caused his erection to go from the horizontal to the vertical, as did each stroke of my belt.  Miss Girdle decided to see his point of view and moved over to stand behind Peter while I continued to belt him. She patted his bottom and looked in my direction, along his outstretched arms, as I drew the belt back over my shoulder and down across his palms.  Miss Girdle said she now understood how that view of me wielding the belt could so excite a boy. 

When we had finished belting Peter, Miss Girdle and I agreed that we had never seen such naughtiness. 

Part II: Detention 

I was supervising Peter’s detention one day when Miss Girdle popped in.  As usual, I had given Peter six with the belt on his hands at the beginning of the hour and I had left Genevieve out on the desk as a reminder to him. Miss Girdle asked to see Genevieve.  She picked her up and said she was a real beauty.  I could see Peter becoming agitated, listening to the two of us discuss Genevieve in front of him. I told Miss Girdle about having given him six right at the start of detention, of which Miss Girdle thoroughly approved.  

Miss Girdle then asked if I would like to see her belt.  She took it out from under her blouse and I saw that it was similar in size and weight to Genevieve, but lighter in colour.  Peter was now clearly in a something of a state.  He stood entranced at the two of us comparing and discussing the two belts. Miss Girdle tucked Genevieve over her shoulder, patted her and said how snugly she fitted. Then she suggested that she’d really like to try her out.  She looked at Peter, who had gone very red. 

“I want you to do something naughty to make me have to belt you”, she said to him. 

Poor Peter just stood there.  Miss Girdle took hold of him by the wrist and drew his hand up to the neck of her blouse, then pushed it inside so that his fingers touched Genevieve.  Miss Girdle looked Peter in the eye and with a slight smile told him that he was a very naughty boy to touch Genevieve like that and that now she must belt him.  I watched as Miss Girdle drew Genevieve out once more and gave Peter a good six strokes, to which he displayed his usual distressed excitement. 

Miss Girdle then suggested that I try her belt on the naughty boy.  I said that his hands might be too sore now, but Miss Girdle suggested I could belt his bottom.  I stood up and, taking both Peter’s wrists, pulled his hands behind me and planted a hand on each side of my bottom. Peter stood there haplessly, doing nothing more than having his hands pressed against my bottom, while I told him I would have to belt his bottom for this. 

Miss Girdle agreed that I now had the perfect excuse and sitting down on the desk told me that she’d hold him over her lap while I belted him.  I gave Peter six good strokes with Miss Girdle’s belt across his bottom, but Miss Girdle said it was always double on the bottom, so I gave him six more. 

Pero then watched wide-eyed as we simultaneously tucked our belts away over our shoulder again.  Before she left, Miss Girdle said that when I next had this particular boy in detention again I should let her know. 

Part III: The Bedroom 

Miss Girdle and I decided to take Peter upstairs to the bedroom and belt him there.  We fetched him from the study, where he was waiting for us in nothing but his punishment shorts and thong.  I went first, with Peter next and Miss Girdle following, patting Peter’s bottom all the way up the stairs while his eyes were fixed on my bottom, or drawn to Genevieve, who hung from my hand, down the length of my leg.   

When we got him into the bedroom, we told him to prepare the bed for a belting, while we decided who would have to honour to belt him first.  Peter put two big pillows in the middle of the bed and knelt beside them, facing us.  We stood a few feet from the foot of the bed, each drawing our belt through our hands in anticipation of using it on Peter’s bottom.  I told Peter that I would belt him first and he should assume the position.  Peter lay across the pillows with his bottom right up, his chin near the foot of the bed and his hands grasping the end of the mattress. 

I moved round to one side of the bed and knew that his eyes would be following my stockinged legs and Genevieve, who I let hang down right where he could see her.  I belted him six times right across his shorts, then moved round to the other side of the bed, again letting him see Genevieve hang down, her tails in close proximity to my stocking.  While I was belting him I knew he could Miss Girdle waiting and watching, and itching to take her belt to his bottom. 

After I had given Peter six more strokes, we changed places and I watched while she belted him beautifully and elegantly: also giving him six strokes from either side of the bed.   

When she had finished belting him I told Peter to “present himself”.  Peter knelt up, shuffled to the edge of the bed and tucked his arms behind him, along the small of his back.  I had Genevieve doubled-up in one hand and reaching forward tested the obvious bulge in the front of his shorts.  I told Peter that a boy with an erection must be belted on the bare bottom and that we would have his shorts off altogether. 

Peter took off his shorts and again knelt up on the bed facing us.  Once more I told him to assume the position before I moved forward and repeated the punishment I had previously given him.  This time, however, my belt landed squarely across his bare bottom. 

Miss Girdle then added a further twelve strokes across Peter’s bare bottom, while he lay obediently across the bed. I could see by the look on his face that he was excited by the strokes of Miss Girdle’s belt and by my watching him be punished, while he saw me holding the brown leather of Genevieve in front of me.