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All the reviews are 100% genuine and have not been altered from the original provided by my client. Perhaps you could complete a review for me if you enjoyed our session to help those looking to receive correction.

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"I have visited missdemeanor several times now. This lady is warm and welcoming, immaculately dressed (as requested, with a good choice of scenes), in a safe, easy to find venue, which has a  choice of “play rooms” and, if needed, private parking. There is no sense of “clock-watching” and no feeling of being hurried at all. She takes a good warm-up spanking and all the various implements up to a light caning. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visits and will be back."   Steven. 11/06/16

I have now met Miss Demeanor a couple of time & cannot wait for the next time. She is full of life & vitality. She really puts you at rest if your nervous. She takes a really good spanking & takes all implements. But beware she is an excellent switch & gives a very rosy bottom back as i know too my own cost haha.
Cannot praise Miss Demeanor enough
Brian X​ 12/06/2016

Dear Mary, Just a quick note to say "Thank you very much" for a great session. I really really enjoyed it, but I hope your bottom is not too sore.  You are a very lovely, sexy lady and I hope we can meet again some time. Hope you did enjoy spanking me, it seemed as if you did. Maybe next time you'd like to just do discipline session and give me a proper thrashing? So, take care and have fun. With respect and Best wishes, Julian xxx 28/04/16

"I have had the great pleasure of a couple of sessions now with Miss Demeanor - she is an excellent communicator, acknowledged and obliged with everything I requested and wished for. Place very clean, comfortable parking outside on the road. Very good at the role play and a very good switch. Highly recommend this girl in the scene. Still needs a damn good spanking or ten before she becomes head girl" Terry 25/7/16

"This is Robert from Today's four o' clock session, just wanting to say properly how much I enjoyed it.

 As a veteran Mistress visitor it was the most spectacular and sexy one I have ever been to, full of unexpected twists and turns, Doming and Subbing left right and center with a bit of St Trinnians thrown in, introducing me to all sorts of new punishment pleasures.

That partner of yours (Chloe/Sophie) must be the cheekiest minx ever to sit in a classroom, compared to her I'm a saint. I don't know which of you is the more gorgeous. Hard on the bottom, easy on the eye so to speak.

Though a Londoner up to now, I'm beginning to wish I lived in Manchester if that is the standard of C.P. they can enjoy there.' 28/08/16


Just a quick message to thank you for a brilliant session - best I've ever had, I think! You are a very, very sexy woman, and I really enjoyed your company. That dress really is quite something!

Thanks also for trusting me - it's never easy to judge limits/what's acceptable and comfortable etc.

Will keep in touch - looking for suitable dates.

Keep those tights safe, or there'll be trouble.

Best wishes and thanks again,"

Steve 13/09/16


I warn you not to fall foul of the Head Girl. Although she is very beautiful (and immaculately uniformed) she is also very mean and will take great delight in bullying you, effortlessly and exquisitely tormenting and punishing you using all the Head Teacher’s implements, to make you very sorry for defying her. She delivers a well-paced comprehensive spanking and expert caning. Once you are in her clutches you may never escape. For one thing you will not want to." 29/10/16

"I recently had the pleasure of a first visit to Miss Demeanor at her superbly appointed premises in North Manchester.

It was very much a last minute arrangement, but within 90mins of initial contact and some satnav confusion I was knocking nervously at her door.

I have seen many disciplinarians over the years and can honestly say Miss Demeanor is up there with the very best.

She is a lovely lady, slim, very attractive and extremely friendly and welcoming.

We had a brief chat about what I wanted from the session, which was an OTK warm up followed by the use of various straps and paddles, finishing of course with the cane.

Miss Demeanor delivered an excellent session and didn't hold back at all. I received over sixty (I think, I began to lose count) fierce cane strokes which she really laid on with gusto.

I can still feel the effects now, sitting down three days later.

As I said this was my first visit, but it certainly won't be my last." Graham 06/11/16

"This was my first visit to Miss Demeanor. I had read some good reviews and was certainly not disappointed. Mary is very attractive with lovely curves in all the right places. She put me at ease immediately and the venue was well equipped and laid out. I had elected for a switch session and after an initial discussion as to how I would like the session to go, she took immediate control. She made for a wonderfully alluring and strict Mistress. She found my threshold and even pushed this a little, making me feel braver than I'd felt before. Then the tables were turned and I thoroughly enjoyed spanking her beautiful, round bottom. I'm not the hardest of spankers but she took everything I gave, encouraging me along the way. The session ended very happily. I will definately be returning. Mary was wonderful company and appeared to genuinely want to fulfill my desires. I would recommend highly." Steve 09/04/17

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the submissive Mary Demeanor.  She has a lovely voice, pleasant voice, and fantastic body. She is an excellent role player and dressed for her roles quite nicely.  She also has an impressive tolerance; her bottom took quite a deal of punishment with me and yet she continued to take what she considered as chastisement she had richly earned.

I would recommend her to either the nervous novice or experienced player--I think you would find her as delightful as I did.

Larson 09/06/16

Miss Demeanor is a lovely young woman, with dancing eyes that sparkle with mischief. She has flawless, olive skin which warms and reddens very prettily under the palm and the paddle. (She can take quite a sound spanking, incidentally). When I first laid eyes upon her, I thought that she wouldn’t look out of place on a red carpet, or on a catwalk, she really is that gorgeous.

I was immensely nervous at first, but then she smiled in greeting and I was treated to a glimpse of the cheekiest face I have ever seen, full of fun and joie de vivre. I realised that I had absolutely no need at all to be so apprehensive.

Miss Demeanor is a total joy to be with; generous, patient, engaging, warm and funny. What is even more appealing is that she clearly enjoys participating in her clients’ fantasies as much as they themselves do. On my first visit she immediately put me at my ease, settling me down for a chat and a coffee, even allowing me to practice a few strokes of the cane across her delectable posterior (I could get used to that pleasurable activity, very quickly!). When I called for a second session, I had managed to lose enough of my reserve to try my hand at a little role-play in which The Lady involved herself wholeheartedly…she’s a natural.

A consummate professional, then, but also a refined, personable, delightful lady and quite approachable. Treat yourself…you won’t regret it, I promise you!

Peter June 2017

I have visited Miss Demeanour a number of times in the last six months. In that time, I have asked her to play a number of different roles in a variety of scenarios. She has embraced each role with verve and creativity, never just going through the motions but bringing a freshness and vitality of improvisation each time, so each session is different and exciting, even in a repeat of a scenario. She does not require a tightly scripted scenario although I’m sure she could work to one on request. 

She is very amenable to requests and has made an effort to learn what I like, yet also to challenge and push me, always in a positive and helpful manner. She will respond to new ideas herself and has willingly tried new activities I have suggested. She works hard to make every visit fun and a bit special, to exceed my expectations.    

She is always perfectly dressed (or undressed) – she has an extensive wardrobe- for her role. And of course she is very beautiful! And of course she is very proficient with implements of instruction (!), and also good at receiving them. She continues to develop her skills too. 

I can compare with my experience with other professionals and I can warmly recommend her. I look forward to my next visit. Which will not be long! 

Mr Knight 02/06/17

I knocked on the door of the house, and it opened but there was no one there. Miss Demeanour was behind the door, and when the door closed behind me, I saw the sexiest and most gorgeous schoolgirl I have ever seen. This lady is utterly charming, delightful and very intelligent. 


We had gone for a switch session, and she really has the cutest most spankable bottom I have encountered in years. When we switched roles, I ended up with a thoroughly sore bottom after several spankings, slipperings, beltings and a final 38 stroke caning.


The thing about Miss Demeanour, is she makes you feel at ease; even when she is lecturing and caning you, you feel safe. I have never enjoyed an hour as much as I did with her. Her lingerie was as I requested, and I left it to her to choose her teacher outfit, which was absolutely perfect for the occasion.


Whenever I get the chance, I will be seeing this lady. If I were not to, I would be missing out  on one of life's greatest pleasures. Ian

Mary had suggested a scene with another schoolgirl, and felt Stephanie and I would work well together. Not without some trepidation did I agree to it as I have always done 1 on 1. Mary rather cleverly arranged it so that we would not meet until we were in our uniforms and outside her study. We met, and, Stephanie was as nervous as me! The session was absolutely amazing. We played really well off each other, although I have to admit I was rather on the quiet side, not knowing how to play the role.


One touch that was really good, was Mary had arranged for another teacher to play the headmistress, and it was a surprise to both of us when we were sent to the headmistress's study, (which was in another room,)  to receive a caning for truancy from Miss Cranfield! Miss Cranfield also visited us in class, and caned us again later in the proceedings.


At the end, Mary came over and hugged us both, and confessed, that it was her first time with two pupils as well!. She carried out her role with such consummate ease that we never even guessed it was her first time!


At risk of repeating my previous tribute, this lady is beautiful, charming, witty, humourous, has an amazing figure and her spankings and canings are absolutely spot on. As I type this I am still sitting down carefully on a very sore bottom.


The word awesome is overused today, but in this case you deserve it, you were absolutely awesome.


Mary, thank you for a delightful session and Stephanie, thank you for helping make it even better. 06/10/17

There is a knock at the door. Oh the command to enter, the fresh-faced peaches-and-cream complexioned schoolgirl enters, insolently chewing gum as if she wasn’t already in a lot of trouble. She seems surprised to be taken to task and to be immediately put over the knee for what she soon learns is to be a long hard spanking, but she is suddenly compliant. She is supposed to be a prefect but has been shirking her duties and she knows what that means!


Her uniform is immaculate – until the skirt is raised and the very pretty pink but decidedly non-regulation knickers are revealed. Of course they have to be pulled down and the spanking continues on her delightfully firm and beautifully toned bare rear, and the luscious long legs kick in response. The knickers will stay down until the detention is over and for a moment she stands in the corner hands on head with her bare bottom fully on display.

Next the paddle is administered until her backside is very warm when she is permitted at last to sit on the hard wooden chair behind her desk and attempt the tests that have been prescribed.

Oh dear. The results are not good despite her best efforts and she earns many whacks with first the plimsoll and then a heavier paddle and  She takes them with melodic yelps and gasps but no complaints or resistance. Finally there is a demonstration of the effectiveness of a hairbrush. She agrees that it is a most effective form of punishment.

For the final test she is warned that each incorrect answer will mean a stroke of the cane in addition to the six of the best she is already due. She earns several extra strokes. Over the spanking bench it is, and she has to be warned to keep feet on the floor, or the punishment will start again. She is only just able to do so until the ordeal is over. She ruefully rubs her bottom when it is all over. Has it been only an hour?

The beautiful eyes still sparkle and dance, though. It will not be long before it is necessary to return and discipline this happily naughty girl again. 23/11/18"

"I had longed for a spanking for a very long time but had been too ashamed to admit my desires to myself. It came to the point that I couldn’t deny them any longer. I booked a session with Miss Demeanor and was incredibly nervous on the day.  My very first spanking from Miss Demeanor was everything I wanted and more. She is very intuitive and performs role play brilliantly. Playing the beautiful, strict teacher, she had me over her knee with no nonsense tolerated! 

Miss Demeanor is very warm, professional and really takes a keen interest in what you want  from the session. She set me at ease straight away and I felt like she really understood how much courage it took for me to come for my first spanking.

Being over Miss Demeanor’s knee felt like ‘coming home’. The experience felt really special. She is truly skilled in the art of spanking to the point where I didn’t want the session to end! I shed a few tears of sheer joy and relief at finally having the spanking of my life. I came away with a pretty sore but very satisfied bottom!

I am so glad I pushed through my fears and am looking forward to my next spanking from the strict PE teacher. She is truly fab, go for it! 26/06/19 Christina

"Thank you Miss Demeanor for a wonderful session. My bottom is still sore, three days  later and my long distance driving is providing a constant reminder of our session (I really feel it when i sit down). I look forward to seeing you again very soon" Pete 13/03/20

Wonderful session, with a very nice lady. Very strict and knows how to give a boy a thrashing so don't be fooled by her pleasant manner on meeting! looking forward to next time. Mike 06/08/20

I  first found out about miss demeanour in either late June or early July this year. Was really pleased to see she was relatively local, & I could travel to her place via just two bus rides. When I spoke to her for the 1st time I said it would be a few months before I could afford to come & see her. So I eventually decided on 7th October & eagerly looked forward to that date. So come the day itself I made my way to her premises with a certain amount of nervous excitement & apprehension. I showed her 4 implements that I had brought for her to use, 2 of which I had built myself, which I think she was pleasantly surprised by. I had also brought my own "tonic", that is dark rum & diet coke to aid me. She could have easily confiscated that, but thankfully she didn't!!  She gave me a brief outline of what would be happening. Then we got down to business with miss d playing the headmistress & punishing me for my various misdeeds. I was put over her desk, over her trestle, over her lap on the chair & over her lap on the small settee. Quite a few items were used, as well as her right hand, which was really effective. Then we had a mini break & she then became "senior head girl ", looking very attractive in her her school outfit. The chastisement continued for a while, then after some "cornertime" she said maybe it was time for me to spank her. So, delighted at this idea, we both got into position on the settee. For the next quarter of an hour or so, I smacked her lovely backside, over pleated skirt, panties, & on the bare. Finally, I was back over the desk for the climax, which was slipper/hairbrush/long wide wooden paddle/cane, & "bum agony" & "rocket launcher" (my creations!) The cane and BA hurt the most, & left me in semi shock and catching my breath.      Afterwards I gave her a hug, got dressed, gave her two gifts, & bade her a fond farewell. Will look forward to our next meeting with just as much eagerness, if not more!      Derek 26/10/20

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